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About Us


Creating a just world filled
with blooming potential.

We provide transparent and fair mechanisms powered by data science technology to maximize and fulfill the blooming potential in people, organizations, and society.


To uncover insights
from all data.

While the amount of data is ever increasing, the capacity to analyze, interpret and draw value from that data remains limited to a handful of experts. Through the combination of data science and technology, we create systems that allows anyone to extract insights from data, enabling people to achieve sustainable results while expressing their creativity.


Not just experts in data,
but experts in enabling results
through data.

XICA has the technological capability to create products that can be effectively utilized by users without expertise in advanced data science.

Not only do we deliver the technology for data analysis, we also pursue business results by constantly going out into the field and making regular updates based on the knowledge we gain from our experience.

Through these efforts, XICA's has established a strength as a data science company in its ability to create a system that enables anyone to produce results through the utilization of data.

Our Strengths

How XICA Aims to Transform the Industry

How XICA Aims to Transform the Industry

There are constant technological advancements within the marketing industry, but little known are the structural problems that remain unresolved.

In 2016, the existence of rampant ""non-transparent business practices"" throughout the advertising industry was revealed by the Association of National Advertisers and shocked the entire world.

An investigative report released by the Fair Trade Commission in 2010 also revealed the existence of such non-transparent business practices in Japan.

These structual problems remain unsolved, and yet 6 trillion yen is annually invested into this industry in Japan alone.

Due to issues such as unclear return on investment of advertisements, and non-transparent ad trading processes, there is widespread evidence of non-transparent informational and financial transations in the industry.

XICA will utilize data science to solve these usses, and transform the industry into one in which everyone can practice transparent and fair marketing.

A Message from Our CEO

At XICA, we are committed to transforming the marketing industry through data science.

While the transformation of the marketing industry is our goal, we see it as part of a larger process.

This is because advertising is a means, not an end, for society.

Advertising is a form of interaction to deliver value to society, whether that value may be created by a company or an individual.

It can be said that the role and purpose of advertising is to promote consumption and investment activities in our society, and this would be tantamount to driving the economy.

The global advertising market is approximately $700 billion, but this is just an investment in means, and beyond the means lies $85 trillion in consumption and investment activity.

We will strive to optimize the economy by transforming the marketing industry, to create a just world filled with blooming potential.

President & CEOYoshiaki Hirao


The "XICA WAY" is a set of action guidelines desgined to promote our vision and mission, to be referenced and followed by our company members.

How to practice the "XICA WAY"
  1. 01Love the challenge
  2. 02Be resilient
  3. 03Take ownership
  4. 04Seek dynamic growth
  5. 05Be logical and creative
  6. 06Get to the heart of the matter
  7. 07Learn by doing
  8. 08Strive for speed
  9. 09Respect and encourage others
  10. 10Accept different ideas
  11. 11Be open and fair
  12. 12Help societal potential bloom


XICA provides marketing consulting services that support the strategy formulation, tactics design, execution and effectiveness measurement in a single integrated process based on data science.

We reduce the inherent uncertainty of marketing by providing data-driven solutions tailor-made to our clients.

For more information about our services and solutions, please visit XICA service website (Japanese).