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Heading to the future,
together with your talent.

Our company name "XICA" is derived from the word "saika," which means "brilliant talent" in Japanese.
In the 10 years since our founding, it has been each individual's talent that has made XICA what it is today.
We find commonalities between the future of our members and the future of XICA, and develop our talents together.
We see XICA being a place where visionary people come together to challenge themselves and the world, developing their talents and letting their potential bloom along the way.

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Messages from our Management Team

President & CEO Yoshiaki Hirao

President & CEO Yoshiaki Hirao

Our goal at XICA is to transform the marketing industry and as a result, optimize consumption and investment. In other words, our goal is to optimize the economy.

We believe that the key to realizing this seemingly impossible challenge is to "make talent bloom," which is also the origin of our company's name. This is because in the 10 years since our founding, we have faced many obstacles, but each time we have overcome them through the growth of our people and the growth of our organization.

Because we believe that the development of our members' talents is essential to the realization of our vision, we spare no expense in investing in talent development. If you are passionate about your own growth, and believe in your own potential, we'd like to welcome you to XICA.

Let's grow together to create change.

EVP of Development & CHRO

EVP of Development & CHRO Futoshi Kuresawa

I wanted to take a fresh look at how we "create" in the IT industry, and that's why I joined XICA.

I knew I could do what I set out to do, because XICA truly believes in developing talent.

Soichiro Honda, Gunpei Yokoi, and Satoshi Iwata.

These are people who once expanded the automobile and game industries in Japan, who lived and breathed "creation", and achieved great things. But they were not all great from the start. They never gave up even when they failed and continued to create, which is why their talents bloomed and their potentials were fulfilled.

Refine your choice and make it the best. In the process of making your own choice yield the best possible result, you will achieve great growth, and this growth in turn will one day unlock the potential of society.

With XICA, you can do it too.

Executive Officer & CTO Taichi Amano

Executive Officer & CTO Taichi Amano

XICA stands for "blooming potential" and we wish this not just for the people associated with us, but also for society itself, and it represents our determination to keep striving for the growth of society as a whole. Running through our blood as our corporate identity, the phrase "blooming talent" regularly comes up on every level of our company, from decision-making to everyday business operations.

We want to grow, create great products, expand our business, and contribute to society. At XICA, we have a culture that responds to such aspirations and allows us to take on challenges, and we have people who are willing to grow together.

We invite you to join us on a journey of blooming potential, looking to the future, embracing ideals, and continuing to take on challenges!

Executive Officer Masaomi Takagi

Executive Officer Masaomi Takagi

The term "data-driven marketing" has been around for some time, but when it comes to implemetation, most companies still face obstacles or are only getting started.

We believe that a marketing organization is not a cost center but a clear profit center.

At XICA, we use data science to maximize the probability of success, thereby helping marketers contribute to profits and achieve overall optimization.

XICA is committed to and supports clients' interests from both the perspectives of management and marketing, and this allows for not just our clients' success but the personal growth of our members.

We want to make Japan stronger through marketing, and we will keep questioning ourselves for constant growth. We look forward to working with people who share these aspirations, and can develop their talents with us.

Executive Officer & CRO Kenta Murata

Executive Officer & CRO Kenta Murata

The goal of XICA's research department is to utilize the power of mathematical statistics and computer science to solve business problems and contribute to future growth. The foundation of XICA's business is supported by data science. Therefore, the research department's head-on approach to data science and the results it produces are directly linked to the company's growth. XICA's research department is a place where you can experience not only the joy of achieving research results, but also the feeling that the results of your research activities are helping the company grow.

As the origin of our company name "blooming potential" states, we also provide opportunities to develop your talents toward your vision of becoming a researcher, data scientist, research engineer, and so on.

If you are a talent with skills in mathematical statistics and a passion for programming, why don't you join us and make waves? We look forward to seeing you.

Team Structure & Member Ratios

  • Development Division
    Division responsible for all roles related to technology development, from engineering to product management, corporate engineering, and DevHR, and generating value for customers and the industry by creating products.
  • Analysis Team
    Team in charge of overall analysis operations for both MAGELLAN and ADVA, consolidation and systematization of accumulated analytical knowledge into assets, development of analytical logic and product improvement in cooperation with the Development Division
  • MAGELLAN Product Team
    Team responsible for the overall optimization of clients' marketing strategies through the provision and accompaniment of the marketing analysis tool MAGELLAN
  • ADVA Product Team
    Team responsible for supporting clients to maximize their marketing ROI by providing a one-stop total solution from marketing strategy to execution as a data-strategy ad agency.
  • Marketing Team
    Team responsible for acquiring prospective customers through promotional activities and nurturing prospective customers to acquire business opportunities for both MAGELLAN and ADVA.
  • Corporate Division
    Division responsible for building and operating XICA's management infrastructure by taking on roles such as human resources, legal affairs, corporate planning, accounting and finance, and general affairs.
  • PR & Branding Division
    Division responsible for defining, managing, and communicating the corporate brand through branding and PR work.

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